Thursday, July 31, 2014

We made it!

We arrived in Uganda!  The first thing I noticed is that it smells like plumeria here!  And everyone is so nice.  After getting our visas and going through customs, Edward and Silver from Musana we're waiting for us.  All 15 of us and all of our luggage loaded on to the Musana van (at 1 AM) and drove to a guest house overlooking Lake Victoria.  Now it's time to get some non airplane sleep!  Yay!

Our musana bus waiting for us at the airport!

We were packed in the bus!

Our guest house!

We slept in beds surrounded by nets....don't want any mosquito bites!

It's almost time!

We made it to stop, Entebbe, Uganda!

Airport yoga

What does a big group traveling together do during a 9 hour layover in of course!  One of our team members is a yoga instructor and led us through a great class!  We also read, ate, laughed, did cartwheels, and ate lots of popcorn!  Next stop...London, then on to Uganda!

Monday, July 28, 2014

How to be a vegetarian in a foreign country!

While I was reading about what to expect eating wise in Uganda, I came across this: " Meat is considered a delicacy in Uganda and green vegetables are poor man's food.  As a guest in the country, be prepared to eat a lot of meat as the locals will want to share ther best food with you.  If you say that you don't eat meat, they will give you some herbs to try to cure you of what is ailing you."  Oh boy!  Good thing I have space in my suitcase for some just in case items!  The best things to bring are nut butters and coconut oil.  Artisana, Justin's , and Ziggy Marley's sell these things in individual packets which is awesome because they are easy to carry around and you don't need a knife to get them out and spread them!  Also, if you don't have anything to put them on you can just open the pouch and consume!  Instant energy!  And the coconut oil can also be used as sunscreen, bug repellent (though in Uganda, I will be using something much stronger!) and lotion.  Dried fruit and nuts are another great filling energy  source (thank you Nordgren family for the mangoes!). Finally, if you are like me, you need veggies!  I bring along greens plus energy bars for a filling snack that contains veggies as well as a powdered green drink.  I have tried tons and Anthony Robbins inner greens is by far the best! Since all of these things are super lightweight, you can throw them in a purse or backpack and go have lots of fun without worrying about your next meal!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Group!

Here we are!  The 15 of us going to Uganda!  I love our group becuase we are all silly and like to have fun yet serious and like to work hard to accomplish something!  I was talking to my master Pilates instructor about my trip the other day and he said something pretty cool about it.  I was telling him that my main focus is to teach teachers how to teach kids how to read.  He response was about how crucial that because literacy is the key to change.  Any dictator or ruler can influence and tell the people whatever it is they want them to believe if they are not literate.  But once populations know how to read, it opens so many more doors for them to learn for themselves what it is they want to believe.  WOW!  I am so excited to be able to make a profound difference like this somewhere!

Monday, July 21, 2014


9 days until I leave!  I can't believe it is almost here.  My funds are raised, my lessons are planned, and well sishes have been coming in!  My dad and Tina gave me a wonderful present for my birthday...A "Godspeed Necklace"!  When I looked up Godspeed, I found it to mean "an expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey."  How appropriate is that!?!?  Also, Shawn's best friend is a priest and he blessed it for me (and let me know that now I can never sell it!)  On top of that, my pastor from home, along with my mom and Mr. Terry, said a wonderful prayer for me as I prepare to go.  I am feeling super empowered for this journey and can't wait for all of the learning and growing that will take place!