Monday, August 11, 2014

Farming at Musana

Musana has over 800 chickens that come in 3 types: Ugandan, Kenyan, and Belgian.  We were able to eat eggs from their chickens every morning and they would sell the rest in town.

Paul is the head farmer and does an amazing job.  He is helping Musana on their way to becoming self sustainable by 2015.  NOTHING goes to waste under Paul's watch!

Paul has created his own blend of chicken feed that they use for the chickens at Musana as well as selling it to local villages.

Musana has bought more property to expand the farms.  The cows are now kept off campus.  They also have fields of banana trees, sugar cane, and elephant grass!

We were able to try an herb that was growing at the Musana farm.  In the villages it is used for a "runny tummy"!

Wow.  Musana is well on the way to becoming self sustainable by 2015.  Touring the farm was amazing as you can see how nothing is wasted and the circle of life really does continue on and on in Africa (I should have sang the Lion King while there!!)


  1. How cool is this?! Cannot wait to visit in 2015. Did you bring back some of that herb? We could use that at El Gato.

  2. PS...what was the herb called? Can we grow it here?