Monday, August 11, 2014


Uganda has 2 seasons....rainy and dry. We are here during the dry season though it seems as though we have brought some rain with us! When school is in session during the rainy season they often have to postpone or cancel class as it is impossible to hear anything as the rain pounds on the metal roof.  We got to experience it during one of our professional development days.  It rained so hard that we had to stop....and play!  The Musana teachers were so confused as to why we wanted to run and play in the rain.  "Why is it that you go outdoors when it is raining.  Do you not believe that rain is a blessing?"  Our reply was that of course it is a blessing and it is also ok to sometimes stop and have a little fun!  Since it rained 3 times while we were there (during the dry season) the teachers said that we were the blessing!  We were even able to get them to run out into the rain with us!!

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  1. I would have loved this!! Too bad you did not pack your raincoat and rainboots. I like that they said you were a blessing. And, that they realize rain is a blessing. So many people are put off with rain. Not us!!