Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kindergarten at Musana

It has been so great getting to know the teachers here at Musana.  I have been able to talk a lot with Domalie, the P1 teacher.  Her students are 5 and 6 so I have decided that is similar to my kindergarten class.  Interesting fact though...kids are not allowed to go into the next grade until they have passed all exams from the grade before.  So there could be kids who are 10 years old in P1.  Also, as soon as they pass all exams for that grade, they can move to the next grade even if the year is not over.  I was able to meet a wonderful Musana student who is 11 years old in P1.  He was found living alone on the streets a couple of years ago and had never been in school before.  We have been playing some learning games together in the evenings and he is doing great! 

A kindergarten end of term exam!

Kindergarten report cards!

Class posters!

I love this school anthem!  I want the same for my class.  We will sing and dance with joy together!

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  1. So fun! Domalie has a great classroom. I like the poster of "Common Accidents" - car knock, snake bite, drowning. We don't consider those very common occurrences here. I love that the 11 year old is now getting his education and some love. I bet Domalie is your Uganda BFF.