Sunday, August 10, 2014

Welcome to Musana

Oh my gosh!  I feel as though I am in a Mardi Gras parade all day everyday! We arrived at Musana today and the kids were SO EXCITED to see us!  They were all smooshed at the gate waiting to greet us! As we walked up they started singing " we are so happy to see you today". After a few verses of song they all rushed to us hugging, high fiving, and holding our hands.  They then brought us to their church where they had a whole performance ready for us.  We sang and we danced then the kids gave us a tour of their campus.  I had the 3 and 4 year olds showing me around so I got to see their beds, the bathroom, and the playground!  We played and played and drew in the sand.  Everywhere we went other kids would shout "mzungu, hi!"  (Mzungu is what they call white people!). They smile and wave and I feel as though I need beads to throw...or that I am the queen!  As we left to go eat dinner, the kids were again smooshed against the gate waving bye to us.  It was so hard to leave.


  1. They were really and truly happy to see you! How fun!! Why did you not bring Mardi Gras beads? When we go next year, we will bring some.