Sunday, August 10, 2014


 "Mzungu hi! Bungo, bungo!"  That is what the kids in the town of Iganga shout at us as we walk from Musana to a cafe in town.  Bungo means a fist bump and the kids run from everyone direction to surround you to get one and they have the biggest smile when you give them one!  Even little babies come out to bungo!
Iganga is not what I expected at all!  It is very rural.  There is a main street to get you into town but from there it is all dirt passage ways (and the dirt is VERY red!).  Most people work by selling things such as eggs, fruits, or sugarcane.  And there are A LOT of kids.  Almost half of Uganda's population is under 15. Ugandans also have the shortest life expectancy of any other country in the world because of the diseases they have there (mostly HIV/AIDS).  That fact makes me very sad and I hope that over time it will begin to change.


  1. That is super sad - I, too, hope that it will begin to change.

  2. Half of their population is under 15?! So sad.