Monday, August 11, 2014

Musana Women's Projects


The Musana craft room is on the Musana property and women work there to make bags, aprons, etc. to sell to people coming to Musana.

The project employs 30 women to make necklaces.  Each woman makes 20 beads an hour.  Once the have a sufficient amont of beads they begin to make the necklaces.  I made 3 beads in an hour all of which they threw away laughing that they were no good!

Juistine wrote a business plan to create a shop for her village.  People can go to her to a variety of different food items or spices.

Alice wrote a business plan for a solar panel.  She uses it to operate power strips.  People in her village pay her to be able to charge their cell phones and other devices.

Florence wrote a business plan to have a brick business.  She now meks bricks that she sells for 100 shillings a piece.  She also loves to pose for pictures!
Not only does Musana help orphaned and neglected children; provide eggs, chicken seed, sweet cakes, and milk to their local area, educate over 400 local kids, and employ only Ugandans to run their operations...they also help women who want to be empowered to provide for their families.  Through the Musana women's projects, women learn a skill and are provided with the resources to be able to write a business plan to purchase the necessary items to profit from their skill.  Once approved, they recieve a micro loan and once that is paid off (with the money going to other local women), they are able to provide for themselves and their families as well as bettering their villages.  These women are amazing and such an imspiration!

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  1. Florence is so fancy!! She looks like she is going to prom. LOVE all that Musana does! I also really like that striped scarf you made. And, the necklace someone else made for me. These women are amazing!!