Monday, August 11, 2014


Everything we have been eating in Uganda is very good!  The local bread is called chipatti and it is a flatbread like Naan.  The local cuisine is mostly vegetarian with lots of rice, potatoes, and curry dishes.  The chidren eat posho and beans everyday for lunch and dinner.Posho is a corn flour cooked with water to make a porridge type dish.  It has the consistency of mashed potatoes and it very similar to grits (Audrey- this is the same as the Mielei Pap we ate in South Africa!)  The locals eat their food with their hands (I tried it and it is harder than it looks!) There is also an abundance of fruit available for eating! A favorite meal for most was something called a Rolex.  It is an omelet (made from Musana eggs) rolled up in Chipatti like a burrito!

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  1. YUM!! Why is it that they eat with their hands? Do most people in Uganda eat with their hands? Is silverware used over there? Maybe when you go next year, you can bring some plastic utensils and see what they think of those. "Crazy Americans!"