Monday, August 11, 2014

Laundry Day!

We have a lot of machines here in America to help make things easier.  For example, we could be doing the laundry, washing dishes, cooking dinner, and watching TV all at the same time.  That is not the case in Uganda.  Everything is done by hand.  I got to help Sarah with the laundry on laundry day though I think that she secretly rewashed the clothes that I washed because I was not so good at it!.  Cooking was tricky too as you could only have one thing plugged in at a time.  If you wanted toast and coffee for breakfast you would have to make your toast first then unplug the toaster and plug in the kettle for coffee.  Things took a little longer in Africa so we always said, "We're on Africa time" meaning that we may or may not finish or start things at the time we were supposed to!


  1. It would take me a really long time to wash my laundry by hand. Today, I washed 4 loads of clothes. Yipes!! And, it's funny...when my church goes to our church plant in Kenya, they also speak of "Africa time."

  2. Tony is also on Africa time. Maybe it was passed on from his ancestors? -Abbey