Sunday, August 10, 2014

Getting to know the teachers

Before we began our week of professional development, we had a day to get to know the teachers.  We did introductions, had them take us on a tour of their school, and played some getting to know you games.  We also had them teach us their version of the ABC song which is a little different from ours but I like it better!

Me and Domalie.  She teaches P1 which is similar to our kindergarten!

They made their own letter blocks!  Be careful if you pick up the "T" though...there is a frog that lives inside!

The 4-5 year old classroom!

Mike, the headmaster of Musana!

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  1. I like Domalie's dress. She looks fancy. And, the 4-5 classroom looks similar to one here - they seem to learn the same things. I will DEFINITELY not touch the T.